Some things are unnoticed. You don’t even see them but when you do you wonder how you could miss them. Even when you don’t know things are there, the thought is still stuck in your mind like a catchy song. Once you do notice, you can’t believe you didn’t notice it before. You never know when you will stumble upon something you never noticed before, and again, you will wonder how you missed it.  You don’t know why nobody knows, and nobody knows why they don’t know. It always gets to you; when you pass by something, you are likely to see something you had never seen before. You can ask why people do that, but nobody will give you the answer. Nobody knows. Nobody knows why we don’t notice the simple things, not even the smartest scientist. Usually, nobody cares. Most people don’t think about it much, even if they just did notice something, something they never saw before. You may see it in a picture, in a field, in a house; you can see things you never knew were there almost anywhere. Nobody really pays attention to the little things like faces on paintings, or a crack in a wall on your house. Once you notice it, you look more closely into the object, and you are sure to find more unnoticed things. It irritates you for a while, but then you completely forget about it. The reality is, every time you notice something new, it gets stuck in your mind just like a piece of gum that gets stuck to the underside of a lunch room table. Time goes on, and you don’t know what is stuck in your head until it comes out , stronger than it was going in. This time, when you try to get the thoughts out of your head, you just can’t do it.  You remember the piece of gum, but it has dried, leaving you with an even bigger challenge. You try to think about other things, and you pry the gum loose.  You keep trying to pry the gum loose, and at last,your mind is so overloaded that it just lets the unnoticed go.  The process starts all over again, everytime, you get a little more irratated with yourself.

When you think, do you stick on every single detail? If you do, you are dried up gum. If you think about the unnoticed, but you don’t cling to the idea, you are the loose gum. So, which one are you?  Are you the dried-up gum; are you the person who clings to every little detail? Or are you the loose gum; the person who thinks about things but doesn’t cling to them?

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  1. Ms. Tatiana says:

    Hi, Addie!

    I’m visiting your blog again to see how the blogging is going for you. Well done! I am very much impressed by your writing in this post and in the one on thinking. Do you know that you sound like a philosopher? Not very many people can work through topics like these in such a sequential, and yet original, way. It’s great that you have a blog to record your thoughts and share them with others. Keep up the great work!

    Ms. Tatiana

  2. amelia says:

    like you said it’s weird how people don’t notice things,but when you do you want to think about it all the time. i find that very inspiring. very refreshing that other people understand that concept too. GREAT JOB!

  3. Sue Waters says:

    Hi, Addie, you are doing some really amazing blogging! And even more amazing is the reflections you are sharing on your blog about what you are observing and wondering about in life.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    And thanks for entering The Edublogger competition!

    Sue Waters

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  5. Mom says:

    I love this one, Addie. It shows not to miss the small things because they are just as special if not more special than the big ones. Small goes unnoticed and that could be a simple “thank you” or someone passing by and noticing you. You did an incredible job! Very proud of you and how you think.

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